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Cheval Blanc by Peter Knogl

Restaurants overview

3 stars in the Guide Michelin,
19 GaultMillau points

Our Chef de Cuisine Peter Knogl awaits you in the Cheval Blanc with a symphony of aromas, colours and harmonious tastes. Ingeniously prepared from the best nature has to offer us. The team of the Cheval Blanc have earned a place among the 100 best restaurants in the world, thanks to their superb creations in which French haute cuisine is enriched with Mediterranean and Asian influences. Experience for yourself how wonderful and intense culinary delights can be!

Michelin Sterne De  Gaultmillau En 19 Points 
Gaultmillau En Chef Of The Year  Grande Tables Du Monde   

Menu des Rois – 6 courses from CHF 235
Menu des Rois – 5 courses from CHF 210

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday
12 noon - 2 pm | 7 pm - 10 pm

The Cheval Blanc will be closed on the following dates from:
July 29 to August 27, 2018


Please feel completely at ease and welcome at our hotel! It is the guests in particular who imbue a 5-star Grand Hotel with its ambiance. Which is why we kindly request that you select a wardrobe with style and elegance – we kindly ask you not to wear beach- or sportswear. At special events we would particularly appreciate it if you could contribute to the festive atmosphere with your attire.

Our guests at the Cheval Blanc set great store by its peaceful atmosphere. Which is why we kindly request that you turn off your mobile phones, leave your dogs outside the restaurant and refrain from smoking. Thank you!


Table reservations

For table reservations and more detailed information please contact us on:
Tel. +41 61 260 50 07
[email protected]

Chef de Cuisine Peter Knogl

Peter Knogl

It is very lucky for the Grand Hotel Les Trois, that Peter Knogl has been consequently pursuing his chosen path in the Cheval Blanc since 2007 – for he has everything that distinguishes a great master chef. Well-grounded, he remains true to his own style but is nonetheless always open to new influences. Transient fashions are alien to him, he prefers to consequently develop his own. His creations, in which French haute cuisine is enriched with Mediterranean and Asian influences, concentrate on the essentials and are always on the search for the masterly symbiosis of the ingredients – prepared from the best that nature provides us with.

Peter Knogl and his team in the Cheval Blanc have taken their place among the 100 best restaurants in the world: 3 stars in the Guide Michelin, 19 Gault Millau points, "Chef of the Year" 2011 and 2015.

Peter Knogl about his work: "My greatest enjoyment: to select high quality products and then prepare them. My greatest pleasure: to indulge my guests with a cuisine full of shape and colour, full of taste and the sun. My greatest satisfaction: to impart well-being through my cooking."


Kochbuch «ma cuisine passionnée»

Cook book
"ma cuisine passionnée"

Cook like the Chef de Cuisine of the Cheval Blanc and Gault Millau "Chef of the Year" 2011 and 2015!

In his first cookbook, Chef de Cuisine Peter Knogl provides detailed insights into his work and his stylish cuisine, true to the clarity of its flavours. In the 70 or so recipes he proves that he is a master at transforming the ingredients he uses – some of them quite unusual – into subtle, harmoniously balanced dishes. Which is why "ma cuisine passionnée" is a must for gourmets and ambitious hobby chefs.

Le Roi Gourmet

Combine culinary delights with a regal overnight stay and feel like a roi gourmet!